Mashup Academy

Mashup Academy: Not just about Code.


MashUp Academy aims to bring technology and innovation to students in under-resourced schools and communities. The focus is creative problem solving and idea generation, using the latest technologies as a tool.
What sets MashUp Academy apart?

While many comparable programs focus on code, MashUp sees technology as a resource, with problem solving as the core competency. Unlike many technology classes and workshops, MashUp Academy classes are taught by innovative local companies. The advantages of this approach are numerous:

  • Students gain exposure to numerous industries such as software development companies, app developers, back-end technology, and even retail and consumer companies with creative technology solutions departments;
  • The students will not only learn the technical skills and the social skills needed to work in these booming industries, but also meet people working in these fields.
  • The curriculum connects to real-life problem solving and applications;
  • The Academy links the school workshop directly with future careers.

The MashUp Academy focuses on both teaching students skills that use technology, as well as offering practice and competencies in other skills needed to land good jobs. The teaching support staff, supplied by Stichting Reckoning, focuses on teaching soft skills and character development for future success.

“It takes more than good techie skills to get hired in today’s companies,”, says Naos Wilbrink, CEO of aFrogLeap,

aFrogleap is a mobile agency that works at the cross section of design and technology; We create omni channel marketing strategies and craft mobile applications and a company supporting MashUp Academy.“We are a local business always looking for qualified people. More than having the technical skills, they also need to be able to work collaboratively, think in critically, and have a high level of problem solving and creativity, and be able to communicate effectively in a diverse, international environment. These people are harder and harder to find.”


From September 2015 to December 2015, the first pilot classes of MashUp Academy will be held at Comenius Lyceum as we partner together with aFrogleap and Atlassian Software.

MashUp Academy offers companies the opportunity to connect with new, future talent, as well as offer their employees a meaningful and engaging corporate responsibility opportunity. We are actively looking for companies to participate in the next round of teaching modules. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a partner for the future.





  • What is Coding?

    Coding is responsible for every piece of technology you use and interact with. Every computer, phone, iPad you use has code behind it to make it work.