Experiential Learning for Life

InSite is an International youth leadership program designed to enrich secondary education and/or fulfill learning outcomes or competencies which demonstrate student initiation, service learning, personal leadership development, team work, resourcefulness, and good citizenship (both local and global).  Students will participate in training sessions, fundraise, and travel to South Africa as part of the learning experience.

Learning today must be experiential and connect real life with what is done in a classroom setting. InSite gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learned and create ways to empower others living in at-risk conditions. These cross cultural experiences increase engagement in becoming a life long learner as they see the importance of being informed and the results of not having a solid education. Having spent nearly a full year in service learning, it prepares a strong foundation for a life long desire to volunteer and contribute as the students receive a strong sense of fulfillment and happiness while serving others.

InSite reminds us that relationships are at the heart of any successful program, project, initiative, or work. Learning to be a person who sees the value in others, who will take the initiative and stand up for what is just and right, someone who  is comfortable with taking risks and thinking differently is desperately needed in our world today. These are the kinds of people universities and employers want. These are the qualities we strive for in InSite.

InSite develops global leaders. These are people who are:

  • Culturally curious
  • Self –aware
  • Open to others and different situations.
  • Emotionally sensitive
  • Tolerate ambiguity and complexity

Components of the program:

  • Approximately 50 hours of training
  • Personal leadership and self awareness tools like StrengthsFinders
  • Arts-based integrated sessions which enhances critical thinking, creativity, and self reflection
  • Lessons in finances, resourcefulness, public speaking and sales via fundraising.
  • Trip to South Africa for 10-12 days – working with a local community via Serve the City, a locally present and active NGO.
  • Night of Story Telling: A self-reflective performance looking back as well as looking forward.
  • If you are an IB student, this program meets your CAS objectives.
  • If you are in other learning programs, the program does meet most objectives and requirements for self generated learning/experiences.

Our Latest Adventure: Pretoria, South Africa May 2015:

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Q & A

  • Which tour is right for me?

    If you are a secondary student between the ages of 15-19, attending the AICS or another international school, Enkanini is your destination. If you are older than 19 and in college, or college age, the Pretoria is your destination.

  • What are the dates of the trips?

    Enkanini February tour is from 25 Feb- 5 MArch 2016 Enkanini May tour is over the May holiday - exact dates TBD Pretoria May tour is over the May holiday - exact dates TBD

  • How much is it?

    €800 plus airfare for all tours. Each team member is required to fundraise at least 30% of the total amount.

  • What does it mean to fundraise?

    Fundraising is basically asking others to help financially support InSite. This can be done in a number of ways, and the staff of InSite is here to help. Download the fundraising Idea book below.

  • Can I work to earn the funds?

    Yes, of course you can! Just keep in mind, working at a job to earn money, is not really fundraising, you are making a donation. This is also very cool and a great way to learn how to budget, but you too, will need to fundraise 30%.

  • What about the training sessions - are they for me?

    YES! They are designed with you in mind. InSite is designed to meet your CAS learning outcomes, or other school competencies needed. These are designed to be practical and fun.

  • Can InSite be implemented in my school?

    Yes, regardless if there are just a couple of students, or a larger group, InSite is a program that can be contextualized to meet the standards of leadership training, global citizenship, entrepreneur experience and/or community service learning.

  • How can I raise money when all my family lives abroad?

    Reckoning uses a third party fundraising platform, which allows anyone anywhere to donate and there are no additional administration fees.

  • Is is safe?

    Valid question, and safety is something we take very seriously. It's one of the reasons we have so much training before we go. We all need to trust each other, and as leaders, we need to make sure you will follow our strict rules while we are there.


Download our information booklets about InSite to find out what we do, in detail, what we plan on doing in the future and how you can get involved or contribute to the cause.

InSite Information

Gives you more information on the InSite project, what it involves and how you can get involved!

Fundraising Booklet

A small booklet crammed full of fantastic fundraising ideas, as well as all the facts, due dates and
all things related to fundraising and InSite.

InSite 2015 Pretoria Field Report

Discover this tour with all the new relationships and projects done in the Pretoria area of South Africa.

InSite 2015 Enkanini Field Report

Discover the milestones accomplished and the journey of Serve the City and InSite in 2015

InSite Field Report 2014

A field report outlining the InSite project in 2014, giving an insight into the things we have done and will be doing.