Reaching out to the youth in Amsterdam West and New West, LEAD is providing a place focused on giving them the skills they need to live engaged and meaningful lives using our approach which blends character and leadership development through arts-based learning. The great thing about LEAD is that, they are gaining some wicked skills in art, while also learning how to be a globally-minded leader.

Education is not just about going to school, it’s defined as being “an enlightening experience”. Our approach provides students of all ages spaces where they can  explore, create, innovate, fail, collaborate and become a life-long learner.  We include opportunities for our students to gain skills and character development in areas they may not normally consider. Cultivating self- reflection, awareness and a sense of personal responsibility was the focus of the “Superhero in me” project from our LEAD after school program featured in this video. Watch and see how this project brought out the best in these students and helped them become more aware of what is important to them, and how they can BE the hero they created.

Using art and play for:

  • Engaged and curious learning
  • Cultivating creative and collaborative projects
  • Developing critical thinking and problem solving
  • Expanding a local mindset to a global mindset
  • Leading oneself to leading others in good character and behavior
  • Setting the youth up for success as they are better equip and prepared to work in international environments.

LEAD Art Showcase 2015

The Final showcase for LEAD highlighted the drawings and other art work created by the students in LEAD from Al Wafa and Slotermeer basisschool as well as students from various schools and communities in Stellenbosch and Pretoria, South Africa. There were over 250 drawings on display. The children of LEAD were also presented with certificates outlining what social skills they had practice developing as well as art skills they learned.